Writing units(symbol of unit) for a quantity

It is of common that most of us write the units of quantities in a wrong format or commit similar mistake.

All the symbols of quantities we write should start with a small letter not with a capital letter.

For ex. while writing unit for time: 3 hrs is the correct but not 3Hrs which a blunder mistake we all might have committed one or the  other time.

The above rule is applicable in all cases except when the symbol is named  after a person. In this case if it is a single lettered symbol it should be written in capitals and otherwise the first letter should be capital and all  other letters  in lower case.

For ex. The unit for force which is Newton should be written as 400N but not as 400n

Ex. Also the unit of pressure Pascal named after great scientist Pascal should be written as 400Pa but not  400pa or 400PA.

It should be also noted that  while using prefixes like kilo etc these should be written in small cases while the unit in upper case.

For ex. while writing 100kilo  Newtons we should write it as 100kN.


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